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We are a Collective

As professionals and creatives serving entrepreneurs, we regularly encounter questions outside our craft -- and it can be easy to deflect. Some common catchphrases include: 

"Check with your accountant"
"That is a business decision" 
"Ask your lawyer" 

But when we put our heads together across disciplines, we can develop comprehensive solutions that better serve our clients.

Our diverse team of professionals evolved organically. Serving the same community of entrepreneurs, we learned to reach out to one another to collaborate. Over time, it became obvious how powerful we are when we work together -- and we are entrepreneurs too, so we built a collective.

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We are MBAs, attorneys, accountants and creative professionals dedicated to entrepreneurs. Together, we lay foundations, cultivate traction, and turn ventures into empires. 


Of all the business decisions I've made, hiring the Collective has been by far one of the best. The whole team is a pleasure to work with. Always happy to help, quick to respond and calm when approaching any situation. Thank you so much for all your amazing help!

-  Natalia Bartrom, Infinite Beauty





Founder, Managing Attorney
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Founder, Creative Director


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Grant is Framework Law Group's managing attorney and our leader here at the Collective. He also answers project inquiries, so there's a good chance you'll hear from him if you fill out the form below.

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