Interested in joining our affiliate network?

Here is a short summary of who we are, how our affiliate program works, and the associated benefits.




Framework Collective Co. (the "Collective") is a curated network of like-minded professionals who serve entrepreneurs, creatives, and start-ups. Some service providers work in-house at the Collective and other service providers are independent affiliates. 

Participation as an independent affiliate can be as simple as joining our referral network, but we also offer opportunities for further involvement and collaboration. 


Currently, the Collective and our affiliates offer the following services:

  • Business Consulting 
  • Legal
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping



Our network of affiliates is curated by the Collective based on our mission and values. Our community is: 

  • Innovative - We take a fresh approach to our industries. Unicorns only, no dinosaurs. 
  • Peer-to-Peer - Our clients are our peers. We serve beside them, not above them.  
  • Talented AF - We are all quality service providers and we refer to one another with confidence throughout our network. 

Marketing & Referrals 

If admitted as an affiliate, the Collective will: 

  • Market Your Services - Including on our website, social media, and newsletters.
  • Refer You Clients - As appropriate leads arise for your services. 


UNIVERSAL Referral Fees 

Our whole affiliate network, including the Collective, shares a universal 10% referral fee:

  • Payment Details - All affiliates and the Collective agree to pay one another a 10% referral fee for referred clients. The referral fee is paid to the referring party by the receiving party for all payments received from the referred client for a period of one year.
  • Certain Exceptions - Note that certain professionals are legally forbidden from paying referral fees, including attorneys, CPAs, and insurance brokers. Such professionals shall not participate in the universal referral fee, but may still refer and receive referrals on a complimentary basis. We will notify you if referral fees cannot be paid for a particular referral.


Opt-In Benefits

In addition, if you and the Collective desire, we can coordinate the following: 

  • Administration & Billing - We can handle administrative tasks associated with on-boarding, signing, and billing clients directly through our company, so all you have to do is perform your services as an affiliate contractor. We charge an additional fee for this service, starting at 5% depending on the level of services needed. 
  • Workshops - We can work with you to develop, market, and host one or more workshops related to your services to reach new clients and generate ticket proceeds. We will coordinate ticket proceed profit sharing with you. 
  • Discounted Services - All affiliates receive discounted rates for all services offered by the Collective and from participating affiliates. Discounted rates vary by service provider. You can notify us if you would like to participate in extending discounted rates to the affiliate network. 
  • Work In-House - If you are interested in offering your services in-house through the Collective, let us know and we can discuss options. Primary benefits include eliminating your overhead, free comprehensive support, streamlined operations, and other in-house perks. 


  • The affiliate relationship is non-exclusive, at-will, and can be terminated at anytime by either party. 




We will follow-up shortly. 

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