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Launch your venture with a solid legal foundation using one of our pre-assembled packages. 
All packages are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your venture. 
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Business Formation: California LLC or S-Corp
Founder Agreements: Operating agreement or bylaws
Trademark: For your business name or logo
Contract: For your customers, clients, or user base

Starting at $1975



Business Formation: Delaware C-Corp, authorized in CA
Founder Agreements: All founder agreements listed below
Trademark: For your business name or logo
Contract: For your customers, clients, or user base
Investor Agreement: Loan, future equity, or stock purchase

Starting at $3275


A La Carte

Business Formation

BusinessFormation (1).jpg


Complete Business Formation, including: 

  • Consultations - With our legal and accounting departments to determine the best entity and taxation options for you from a legal and tax perspective. Up to half an hour total consultation time included. 
  • Formation - Filing of articles, statement of information, employment ID number (EIN), and one year of service as your agent for service of process. Does not include the annual minimum franchise tax. 
  • Founder Agreements - Drafting of your founder agreements, including your Operating Agreement (LLC) or Bylaws (Corp), and Issuance of Equity. 
  • Upkeep Manual - Detailing how to properly utilize and maintain your business entity. 

COSTS: $225
LEGAL: $450 + $225 per additional owner if there are more than two
TOTAL: $675+  

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Complete Business Formation for Startups, including: 

  • Consultations - With our legal and accounting departments to determine the best corporate structure and taxation options for your entity. Up to one hour total included. 
  • Formation: Filing Delaware certificate of incorporation and employment ID number (EIN), plus filing of application for authority to do business in California. 
  • Founder Agreements: Drafting of your founder agreements, including action of incorporator, board consent, bylaws, confidential information, invention assignment agreements, restricted stock purchase agreements, and 83(b) election forms and instructions.
  • Upkeep Manual - Detailing how to properly utilize and maintain your business entity.  

COSTS: $500
LEGAL: $1000 + $225 per additional shareholder if there are more than two.
TOTAL: $1500+ 

download (2).jpeg


  • Local Business License - Filing: $75 
  • S-Corp Election - Filing: $75 
  • DBA / Fictitious Business Name - Paperwork Preparation: $75
  • Agent for Service of Process Renewal - $75 a year after the first year 
  • Corporate Kit - Custom Physical Binder for Your Paperwork: $100+
  • Dissolution - Filing of paperwork to dissolve LLC or Corporation in California: $125
  • Additional Consultation Time - If additional consultation time is needed, beyond the included time noted above, that time will be billed at $275 / hr for legal, and $125 / hr for accounting. We will notify you ahead of time before any additional hourly time is billed. 


Trademark (1).jpg


Complete Trademark Application Filing, including: 

  • Consultation - With our trademark attorney to determine the most strategic way to file your trademark. Up to half an hour included. 
  • Application Filing - The complete filing of your initial application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 
  • Updates and Notices - Written notices detailing the status of your trademark application throughout processing. 

COSTS: $225 - $275 per class of goods and services
LEGAL: $450
TOTAL: $675+ 



  • Trademark Assessment: A consultation with our trademark attorney regarding the trademarkability of your proposed mark: $200. Note, this service is included with the above "Trademark Application" project (up to half an hour), and the add-on fee here shall be waived if you proceed with the trademark filing as quoted above. 

  • Conflict Search and Report: A search and report prior to filing that helps ensure there aren’t any conflicting trademarks or other issues which may prevent the registration of your trademark or cause you legal disputes in the future. Different levels of search reports are available: $125+ depending on level of search performed. 

  • Additional Strategy Consultation: The trademark application above includes up to half an hour of strategy consultation prior to filing. If additional consultation time is needed or appropriate, that time will be billed at an hourly rate of $325 / hr. We will advise of any additional time prior to billing. 

  • Additional Classes of Goods and Services: For more than one class of goods and services, there is an additional fee of $225 in legal per class of goods and services, plus $225 - $275 in government costs per class. 

  • Intent-To-Use Application: If you are not yet using your mark in commerce, we can file your application on an intent-to-use basis to establish your priority to the mark now. This will require an additional "Statement of Use" filing once you commence using the mark. You have up to six-months from date you receive your notice of allowance for your trademark to file your statement of use. You may file for up to 5 six-month extensions to file your statement of use if needed. 
    • Statement of Use - $100 in costs + $125 in legal = $225
    • Extensions - $125 in costs + $125 in legal = $250 per extension




Complete filing of your copyright application, including: 

Consultation - With an intellectual property attorney to determine the most strategic way to file your copyright. Up to half an hour included. 

Filing of Single Work Application - For one creative work

  • COSTS: $35 
  • LEGAL: $315
  • TOTAL: $350

Filing of Collection Application - For multiple unpublished works made by the same author

  • COSTS: $55 
  • LEGAL: $315 + $25 for each work
  • TOTAL: $395+




Consultation: With our patent attorney advising on the patentability of your invention and necessary steps to file your application. 

Preparation: Of documents, materials, and other information needed to file your provisional patent application. 

Application Filing: Complete filing of your provisional patent application. 

COSTS: $500
LEGAL ESTIMATE: $2500 - $3500





Contract Review & Advising
Get your contract reviewed by legal before signing. We will review the contract in full, explain the terms, answer your questions, and advise on our recommendations for edits. Longer contracts, redlines and negotiation generally require additional time which we can quote as needed. 

ESTIMATE: 0.5 - 2 hours, at $275 / hr



All contract drafting estimates are based on an hourly rate of $275 / hr including information gathering, drafting, and one round of edits. Contract quotes vary depending on the simplicity of complexity of your project. We will advise ahead of time if we believe your project exceeds these estimates. 

Employee Agreement / Independent Contractor Agreement
Detail the terms of your relationship with your employees and independent contractors including pay, intellectual property ownership, and confidentiality.
ESTIMATE: 1 - 3 hours

Master Service Agreement / Client Engagement Letter
Have a professional contract ready for your clients that will outline your services, rates, timelines, limitations on your liability, and other important considerations.
ESTIMATE: 2 - 4 hours

Terms of Use / Privacy Policy
If you transact with your clientele or user base online through a website, application, or other software you should adopt terms of use and privacy policies which govern your relationship with your clients and users.
ESTIMATE: 3 - 5 hours

Non Disclosure Agreement
Protect your confidential information and trade secrets when you share it with workers, potential business partners, or other individuals or entities.
ESTIMATE: 1 hour

Business Partnership Agreement / Operating Agreement / Shareholder Agreement 
Have an agreement with your founders or business partners detailing ownership, power, financial distributions, dispute resolution, and other important considerations. If you are forming your business with us, this "Founder Agreement" is included in the business formation. 
ESTIMATE: 2 - 4 hours

Branded Contracts.jpg


Branding - Beautify your contract. Our branding and design team can stylize your contract to match your brand. $125+ per contract

Digital Signatures - Sign with ease. We'll forward your contract to all parties for digital signing on DocuSign. One round free with your contract. 


Venture Financing



All venture financing estimates are based on an hourly rate of $325 / hr, and include advising, information gathering, drafting, and one round of edits. Estimates range depending on the amount of advising necessary and the simplicity or complexity of your agreement. Estimates do not necessarily include negotiation with investors which may increase estimates. We will advise ahead of time if we anticipate your project will go beyond the estimates provided. 

Loans / Debts - Agreements for investors who are loaning your business money to be paid back, without taking any ownership interest in your company. 
ESTIMATE: 1 - 3 hours

Future Equity Financing - Including "Convertible Notes" and "SAFE" agreements. These financing tools allow for investors to invest money now, which may convert to ownership interest later based on a future valuation.
ESTIMATE: 1- 3 hours

Common Stock Equity Purchase Agreements - These finance agreements involve the immediate purchase of common stock in your company based on its present valuation and may require securities filings. 
ESTIMATE: 2 - 5 hours



Estimates for series rounds and sales of preferred stock range significantly depending on the project. Contact us and we can provide an estimate for your needs.