Rates for Other Legal Services.


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Having an estate plan with a living trust is the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of your incapacity or death -- and it will spare your loved ones from the expensive and time consuming experience of probate court. This comprehensive package includes a living trust and all attendant documents which detail your preferences for: 

  • Your treatment should you become sick or incapacitated
  • The care of your minor children (if you have any) and
  • The disbursement of your property, including business assets, should you pass away. 

LEGAL: $2000+


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Visas & Citizenship Applications

Entrepreneurship is global. Secure the right visa for your status. 

All quotes include the complete filing of your initial application. Government fees are not included and vary depending on the type and timing of your application. Additional services, such as time spent responding to requests for evidence, are billed hourly at $325 / hr. 


  • Adjustment of Status / Green Card Application: $2,500 
  • DACA Application: $1,500
  • Advance Parole / Travel document: $1,200 


  • O-1: $3,000 
  • E-2: $3,200 
  • L-1: $2,800 
  • E-3: $1,800 
  • EB-1: $4,500